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Florida Permit - Use this link to download the application for the Florida Permit to Carry

Arizona Permit - Use this link to download the Arizona permit to carry application - Don't travel without checking this link! It will provide you with the latest firearms law for any state.

Lucky Gunner - Here is some excellent reviews and actual tests of various types of personal protection ammunition.

Pine Island White Pines Sportsman's Club - Great club with excellent shooting accommodations and activities located just south of Pine Island, MN.

Cedar Valley Conservation Club - Excellent club with excellent shooting facilities in Austin, MN.

Coyote Creek - Firearm and archery supplies, gunsmithing, and more located in Rochester, MN

Froyum Sports - Excellent local service with great folks offering a good selection of new and used firearms and gunsmithing work located between Zumbrota and Wannamingo, MN.

MN DNR Firearms Safety Course- Use this link to learn about the state hunting Firearms Safety course

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